~ jd's beach ~

jd is a Florida-centric photographer who possesses a true love of the outdoors, especially the water and all of its surroundings.  

Spending over a decade as a member of Hobie Kayaks Pro Fishing Team, jd learned the art of slowing down the world around him.  This aided him in gaining a truly unique perspective, observing the wildlife move about naturally while easing through the surroundings and observing wading birds, mangrove-dwelling mammals, reptiles and crustaceans, and letting it all burn into his memory.


After being the subject of many professional photoshoots for fishing and outdoor magazines, he found himself ready to step behind the lens.  While working with numerous world class photographers and observing how they used their own artistic expression to compose, light, and edit each shot, jd was ready to borrow some of these tools and develop his own style of Florida photography.


Each day presents opportunities to take the simplest  of subjects and turn them into his unique form of Phart.


Hopefully, you will enjoy his story as told thorough these photographs and are encouraged to get outside and experience nature for yourself.


Once in a while 

You get shown the light

In the strangest of places

If you look at it right


    Grateful Dead ~ Scarlet Begonias, 1974